Fiverr is a Freelancer Marketplace platform where you can grow your business with different services provided by freelancers, albeit at a nominal rate.

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What’s Freelancer Marketplace Fiverr? Fiverr is a Freelancer Marketplace platform where you can grow your business with different services provided by freelancers, albeit at a nominal rate. If you wish to create a similar app, then the below line would interest you.

Fiverr clone is a binding bridge between the Service Provider (freelancers) and Users (anyone in the vicinity). Our app enables the consumers to check the complete list of gigs and select the one option they wish to avail. Freelancers can also add the gigs they can work on, thereby creating a perfect revenue generation platform for you.

Fiverr clone will be your Freelancer Marketplace with two major segments comprising freelancers and consumers. It is an effective revenue-generating method if you are looking to start a venture with just a small investment. Our Fiverr Clone app will be the most profitable way.

Freelancer Marketplace

Fiverr appeared in 2010. It was founded by two partners in Tel Aviv, Micha Kaufman, and Shai Wininger. The idea of ​​the Fiverr PHP script was simple: to create a Freelancer Marketplace platform where people would be able to buy digital services, while professionals would sell them.

Entrepreneurs targeted at freelancers. The site was meant to become a place to sell their skills.

Wow-factor of the Fiverr Freelancer Marketplace software which attracted the attention of customers and the press was the price.

All services are offered to sell from $ 5. In other words, it was possible to order a logo for $ 5, or a consultation for the same $ 5.

This price is available to all users around the world. The specified price tag – starting designation: the implementation of complex services can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

A low price tag fulfilled its task: there are hundreds of thousands of professionals and millions of customers at the site.

Freelance Market

Freelance Market

Freelance Market

Freelance Market

Fiverr has become a classic startup. During its existence, the company passed from the first seed round to a startup from an angel investor – to round E, after which it spent a year preparing for entering the stock exchange and successfully entered an IPO.

Many other companies have been starting Fiverr clone websites since then. Some of them succeeded with their clone and can compete with Fiverr. So how to create a website like Fiverr?

Freelancer Marketplace software offered by Miracuves as Fiverr Clone is simple, powerful and rightly priced. Fiverr Clone comes with Freelancer Marketplace Script and Apps to make it just the same.

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