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Camafeu Clone

Cameo clone is very well known Celebrity Shoutout & Business Endorsement Solution.

CameoClone helps you to start your own content creation and celebs shoutout marketplace.

Camafeu Clone – This online creators’ marketplace is the world’s leading fan engagement platform that has enabled over 27,000 hours of personalized connections across the globe in 2021. Talent and fans all over the world brought their creativity, co-creating unique videos for every occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, pep talks, Mother’s Day, and yes, even roasts — which grew in popularity by 46%.

Don’t wait anymore Cameo Clone solution we offer is turnkey by inception and the deployment phases and timeline will blow your mind.

Celebrity Shoutouts
Audio, Video, Meeting
Business Promotion & Endorsement




    Miracuves - Soluções de TI milagrosas, desenvolvimento de clones, aplicativos Android e aplicativos IOS

    Celebrity Shoutouts

    Select the celeb of your choice and book them to shoutout a message for yourself or a friend.
    Miracuves - Soluções de TI milagrosas, desenvolvimento de clones, aplicativos Android e aplicativos IOS

    Audio, Video & Meeting

    Our enhanced solutions supports options for audio call, video call & even in person meeting with celebs
    Miracuves - Soluções de TI milagrosas, desenvolvimento de clones, aplicativos Android e aplicativos IOS

    Business Endorsement

    Order custom brand promotions and business endorsements from celebs of your choice or popular in your region.



    Controle e gerencie todos os aspectos da web, serviços, pagamentos e outros.


    Chat & support functions from web and apps for customers to resolve issues.


    WEBRTC to manage all audio and video calls to avoid any 3rd party api fees.


    Multi-Moeda com vários gateways de pagamento para você trabalhar.


    Rebranding & Customization é feito para atender às necessidades do cliente.


    A solução é capaz de atuar em qualquer região e geografia e idioma.


    Relatórios completos do sistema para obter as estatísticas de todos os tempos e o estado dos negócios.


    Controle completo de SEO da Web e Painéis para ser classificado nos motores de busca.


    Para evitar que o servidor carregue tantos visualizadores, você pode simplesmente colocar o conteúdo no CDN.


    Assuma manualmente as solicitações e atribua provedores para atender.


    Contas para Sub Admin, Despachante, Faturamento, Operações e Personalizado.


    O administrador pode habilitar o modelo de assinatura para que o provedor pague e fique online.


    Conceito Capacidades Inclusões Comercialidade

    Cameo clone application is a celebrity shoutout app that connects users with their favorite celebrities. It can be musicians, actors, athletes, reality show stars, and many more. Users can pay them a fixed amount via this app solution to get customized shout-outs.In turn, users can share their shout-outs videos with their friends and followers.

    Cameo Clone is an excellent option for individuals as well as businesses. The former gets the chance to interact with their favorite personalities, engaging in authentic fan experience. The latter can promptly promote their products or services among their target audience, increasing their business reach and visibility.

    The app is gaining popularity currently , and it is a great opportunity for you to invest in this sector for increased revenue!

    Cameo Clone King of Celebs Shoutout

    At Miracuves, we provide a custom-built Cameo clone app solution that is readily available for quick customization and launch. By deploying this app in your niche, you can allow users to receive personalized messages and shout-outs from their favorite celebrities. Users can utilize the app to surprise their friends and family on their birthdays and special occasions.

    Celebrities from various fields can register with the app. Users can go through the list of personalities available on the platform. They can pay a fixed price to avail of the time of these celebrities. It is cool, right? So, do not look any further.

    Invest in this excellent ready-made celebrity shoutout platform to gain a massive user base and high returns on your investment!

    A Lot Like The Cameo, But A Lot Better!
    Basic Features Of Our Cameo App Clone

    • Personalised Shoutout Video Request

      Users can request for a personalised shoutout video from their favourite celebs, either for themselves or their beloved ones

    • Video Call With Favorite Celebs

      The users can also schedule a one-on-one video call with the stars on the Cameo clone script. This feature makes our prebuilt app win an edge over the original app

    • Cameo-Like Homescreen

      The UI of our Cameo clone- StarStruk, has been inspired by the original app. The attractive and intuitive home screen displays all creators: featured, top, trending

    • View Creator Profile

      The creator profile displays their followers, following, and subscribers count; the total no. of posts uploaded, and the price charges for the shoutout, video-call, and subscription

    • Integrated Wallet

      An in-app wallet is integrated to ensure seamless & efficient transactions. A wallet transaction statement is made visible to both creators & users each time money is credited or debited

    • CRM Automation For Better Engagement

      This allows creators to send off default messages to the users who are: new, have recently followed or subscribed them, or have purchased their posts.


    Camafeu Clone

    The functionality of the celebrity video messaging app like Cameo is quite simple and straightforward. Users need to sign up with the app. After getting on board, they can search for celebrity profiles or browse the ones listed on the app under several categories. They can view the profiles and book a live call with them. They can pay for the service via the app. They can interact with their favorite celebrities and record the sessions, as well. They can share the shout-out video with their friends and family via the social video sharing feature.
    • NSFW Feature Enabled During Signup

      This feature allows users to opt out of any content that is adult in nature. While login, they can simply turn off the NSFW button, which will automatically flag the content

    • Explore Exclusive Posts

      Users can explore a variety of posts uploaded by various stars. A whole list of new, unique, and exclusive content will be displayed on a detailed page to the former

    • Social Feed

      The social feed is an additional feature on our Cameo-like-app. The feed shows all the posts created by the stars and influencers, their likes and comments

    • Highlighted Stories

      Just like on Instagram, creators can create stories and highlight them on their profile, for the users to view them even after the 24-hour time span ends

    • Creator Subscription On Cameo App Clone

      The creator profile displays their followers, following, and subscribers count; the total no. of posts uploaded, and the price charges for shoutout, video-call and subscription

    • Exclusive Or VIP Chat

      This feature allows the creators and users to have a one-on-one engagement via chats. The creators can send off exclusive images and texts to the users

    • Create Paid Livestreams

      Creators can host paid livestreams on the Cameo clone app. The users can send off tips while they're live-streaming. These tips can be converted & withdrawn from the in-app wallet

    • Creator Tips For Posts & Livestreams

      The Users can send tips to the creators for their exciting posts and content. The former can also send tips during a live-streaming session hosted by the creators

    With people stuck inside their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they miss celebrating the special occasions with their family members and friends. Several people stay away from their families, missing the feeling of sharing their joy.

    They look out for ways to surprise their special ones that have driven them to turn to celebrity shoutout apps. Here, users can pay a certain amount to avail of the time of the celebrity who their loved ones admire. They can schedule a live call with the celebrity and the person they wish to surprise. This way, they can ensure their happiness, even amid the current lockdown scenario.

    To request video shout-outs, users must first sign up with the platform. Once they get on board, they can explore the celebrity-profiles listed on the app, with their price points. Users can also view the star ratings shared by other users to finalize the celebrity to request the shout-out videos.

    Once users finalize the celebrities to request the videos, they will be provided with a form to detail their requests. They can share special instructions, if any. Once the requests are placed, the respective celebrities will be notified who can accept or reject the requests within the given timeframe.

    If accepted, the fee for the video requests will be deducted from the users’ accounts. Celebrities will shoot the videos and share them with their followers in the given time. In turn, users can watch, download, and share these videos on other social media platforms.

    Apps like Cameo are performing well amid this terrible moment as well. Celebrities are also finding it convenient to interact with their followers and earn steady income at the same time. Join this ever thriving segment by launching a ready-made Cameo clone app now!

    Fluxo de processo

    Do utilizador

    The user creates an account over the web or app & verifies using OTP or email and logins into the system, check celebs and the pricing offered for services.

    Upload de conteúdo

    Celebs can upload the profile and list pricing for the services offered and get verified by the admin.

    Order Service

    User after deciding books the celebs service for the day and time and type and get to pay and wait for the joy.

    Celeb Process

    Once the celeb get the notification he can prepare the content and upload it from th app itself and the system will do the needful.


    Custom instructions can be added for happy birthday, anniversary greetings and likewise to make it great.

    Have Fun

    Fulfil the desire of getting connected with your favourite celebrity and have a time of lifetime.

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    Our Cameo Clone helps you adapt and thrive in a connected world

    Estamos aqui para fornecer soluções prontas para uso que são ricas em tecnologia e funcionam conforme o esperado.

    While the Cameo clone App is seen as a celebrity-user interaction platform, it houses something more than that. It assists businesses to advertise their products/ services with promotional shout-out videos from celebrities. Having a well-known face talk for a brand is a promotion in itself.

    Cameo Clone celebrity shoutout
    Cameo Clone celebrity shoutout
    Ajudamos nossos clientes a reimaginar, reestruturar e renovar funções de negócios para criar organizações ágeis e resilientes.

    As to how users request personalized videos, businesses can also request promotional videos from top stars promoting their brand. These videos can be shared on social media platforms and promotional sites to establish a strong brand presence among the target audience. This form of business marketing is found to be cost-effective compared to conventional marketing strategies. Also, they are faster to reach the audience and stay longer than anticipated, yielding an extra perk.


    Video-sharing apps like Camafeu offer an excellent opportunity for celebrities to interact with their audience – both online and offline. In simple terms, it acts as a great marketing tool. The only difference is that celebrities earn here along with strengthening their follower base. Thus, it helps them stay on top of their business without investing in marketing activities.

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