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Miracuves offers 100% customizable Instacart Clone, a white-label Grocery Ordering & Delivery platform integrated with all the new-age features and functionalities.

Instacart Clone, Grocery Delivery by Miracuves

Instacart Clone Start Grocery and household items delivery services.

Grocery Delivery & Household Items are very popular among people.
Instacart Clone Why? Need to stock the store? Too lazy to go out? Need it done from the comfort of home? Instacart Clone will look for the store location using GPS and will make all groceries delivered your way! Instacart like App allows you to have control of your day. A professionally developed Instacart Clone can give you the decisive edge to:
  1. Efficient Grocery Shopping: Streamline the grocery shopping experience for customers, saving them time and effort.
  2. Prompt Delivery: Ensure timely delivery of groceries, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Wide Market Reach: Tap into the growing demand for online grocery services, reaching a broader customer base.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Gain a significant competitive edge by offering a user-friendly, reliable alternative in the online grocery delivery market.

Multiple Vendors

It facilitates collaboration with numerous vendors, diversifying product offerings and customers have a wide range of choices.


Increase convenience by allowing customers to send orders to multiple addresses in a single transaction, catering to different delivery preferences within one order.

Combo Items & Addons

Enhance customer value with the option to select combo deals and addons, boosting sales while providing customers with curated shopping choices.

Refer to Earn

Utilize referral programs to encourage word-of-mouth marketing, enabling users to earn rewards by referring friends and family to the platform, driving user acquisition and engagement.

Instacart Clone, Grocery Delivery by Miracuves

With Instacart Clone

In the competitive landscape of online grocery delivery, our Instacart clone stands out as a game-changer. With a meticulously developed platform, we seamlessly integrate the offerings of multiple vendors, ensuring a vast and diverse product selection that caters to every customer’s unique preferences. Our innovative approach includes the provision of combo items and addons, empowering customers to enjoy tailored shopping experiences and boosting sales for both vendors and the platform.

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to convenience. With the multi-delivery feature, customers can effortlessly send their orders to multiple addresses in one go, accommodating various delivery needs within a single transaction

Grocery Delivery Market

Prepare to revolutionize the grocery delivery market with our Instacart clone, a disruptive force that reshapes the way customers shop for essentials. Our clone is not just a mere replication but an evolution, seamlessly integrating a network of diverse vendors onto a single platform. By doing so, we offer a one-stop-shop experience where customers can access an unparalleled variety of products, transcending the limitations of traditional grocery stores.

What truly sets us apart is our focus on innovation. Our clone introduces cutting-edge features like combo items and addons, enabling customers to curate their purchases and discover exciting deals.

Instacart Clone, Grocery Delivery by Miracuves

Under The Hood

Cutting-edge Features
that drive Instacart Clone

The Instacart Clone incorporates a series of cutting-edge features that redefine online grocery shopping. Its multi-vendor integration ensures an expansive range of products, while the smart cart leverages AI to provide personalized recommendations. Real-time tracking keeps customers informed about their orders, and in-app chat facilitates instant communication. Voice search adds convenience, and advanced analytics optimize business strategies. The clone also introduces augmented reality for product visualization, elevating the shopping experience to unprecedented levels of innovation and convenience.

Multi-Vendor Integration

Seamlessly collaborate with numerous vendors, creating a diverse and comprehensive product catalog.

Smart Cart

Enhance user experience with an intelligent cart that suggests personalized recommendations and deals.

Real-time Tracking

Provide customers with live order tracking, keeping them informed at every step of the delivery process.

In-App Chat

Enable direct communication between shoppers and customers for quick queries and order adjustments.

Voice Search

Offer a convenient hands-free shopping experience with voice-enabled search and item selection.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize data-driven insights to optimize inventory, pricing, and marketing strategies.

AR Visualization

Allow customers to virtually preview products using augmented reality, improving purchase decision-making.

Plus laptop device

Web & User Panel

  1. User Registration & Profile: Seamless onboarding and personalized profiles for users to manage preferences and order history.

  2. Intuitive Search & Filters: Effortless browsing enabled by advanced search options and filters for quick product discovery.

  3. Secure Payment Options: Multiple secure payment gateways for smooth transactions, ensuring user trust and convenience.

  4. Order Tracking: Real-time tracking of orders, providing users with updates on delivery progress and estimated arrival times.

  5. Customer Support: In-app chat or help center to address user queries and concerns promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  6. Favorites & Reorder: The ability to save favorite items and easily reorder them for a seamless shopping experience.

Admin Panel

  1. Vendor Management: Effortless onboarding and management of multiple vendors, controlling product listings and inventory.

  2. Order Management: Complete oversight of incoming orders, enabling efficient processing, tracking, and delivery management.

  3. Analytics & Reports: In-depth insights into sales, user behavior, and trends to optimize business strategies and decision-making.

  4. Commission System: Automated commission calculation for vendors, streamlining revenue distribution and financial operations.

  5. Promotions & Discounts: Tools to create and manage promotional campaigns, fostering user engagement and loyalty.

  6. Admin Dashboard: A centralized hub to monitor all platform activities, ensuring seamless control and operational efficiency.
Plus laptop device
Plus mobile device

Mobile App

  1. User-friendly Interface: Intuitive design and navigation for easy product browsing, selection, and checkout.

  2. Push Notifications: Instant alerts about order updates, promotions, and personalized recommendations to keep users engaged.

  3. Geolocation Services: Accurate location tracking for efficient delivery, ensuring timely and precise order drop-offs.

  4. Barcode Scanner: Convenient barcode scanning functionality for quick addition of items to the cart.

  5. Voice Search: Hands-free shopping enabled by voice-enabled search, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

  6. Rating & Reviews: The option for users to provide feedback and reviews, fostering a community-driven shopping environment.

It's Worth It


Pre-built and readily available, reducing development time and enabling quick implementation.


Configured to suit specific needs, minimizing the need for extensive customization before deployment.


Once deployed, can be quickly integrated into existing systems, enabling seamless adoption.


Immediate access to modern technologies, enabling businesses to stay current and competitive.


Can be tailored to fit the organization's existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration.


Save valuable time by addressing specific challenges efficiently, allowing teams to focus on core business activities.

Video In Action

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Work & Process

Step 1

User Registration

New users create accounts with personal details and preferences.

Step 2

Browse Products

Users explore a diverse range of products available on the platform.

Step 3

Add to Cart

Items are added to the virtual cart for purchase.

Step 4

View Cart

Users review and modify their cart before proceeding.

Step 5


Users choose delivery address, payment method, and confirm the order.

Step 6

Order Tracking

Real-time updates on the order's status and delivery progress are provided.

Step 7

Delivery Received

Users receive the ordered items at the designated address.

Step 8

Feedback & Ratings

Users can rate products and services, providing valuable feedback.

Get It All

Free Deployment

We do the rebranding of your web and apps with your logo, icons & color scheme and deploy them.

Source & Project Codes

We provide you with complete source codes at start and full project codes at the time of final delivery.

Apps Publishing

We take care of publishing your apps in both the stores on your developer accounts and get it approved.

Support Timeline

We offer 60 Days of tech bug support and 1 year of products if any in terms of SDK or API at no extra cost.

Know It All

Web & Admin

We have used PHP with Bootstrap Framework along with MYSQL and NodeJS, to make it robust and flexible.

Android Apps

Android Apps are done natively using Java/ Kotlin on android using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

iOS Apps

IOS Apps are done natively using Swift 4/5 on Xcode using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

3rd Party API Major

Google Full Map SDK, Social Logins, Twilio, Firebase, Payment gateways, Google Translate & MTR.

Add More Spice

Smart Shopping Lists

AI-powered suggestion of shopping lists based on user preferences, past orders, and upcoming occasions, making the shopping experience proactive and efficient.


Recipe Integration

Integration with popular recipe websites or user-generated recipes, allowing users to add recipe ingredients directly to their cart, streamlining meal planning.


Virtual Assistant

Incorporation of a virtual assistant using natural language processing to guide users through their shopping, answer queries, and offer personalized recommendations.


Community Wishlist

A collaborative feature where users can suggest new products they want to see on the platform, engaging customers and expanding the product catalog based on demand.


Why Choose Us

  • 100% Customizable
    We provide customization services to ensure that our clients get the exact features and functionalities they need for their clone solution needs.

  • Free Technical Support
    Our team of experts offers free technical support to our clients throughout the development process and even after the launch of the platform.

  • Free Bug Support
    We provide free bug support to our clients to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and without any issues.

  • Full Source Code
    We ensure you get complete ownership of the Binance clone by offering you the full source code.

Custom development requires a high budget but our ready-made clone script comes with ample features and free rebranding service at a budget price.


Waiting is boring, that is why we bring you this ready-to-launch clone script which is completely customizable as per your needs.


We have vast experience in developing cryptocurrency-based applications to make your deployment capable enough to boost your crypto trading business.


We know the seriousness of security in the current times of data breach. That is why we have already verified our clone script with rigorous security testing.


Our dedication to providing a comprehensive solution, we've also optimized the script for enhanced speed, ensuring that users experience swift and efficient performance.


Combining al the key points we come to the stage of efficient functioning solution which delivers the right purpose and functions for everyone.

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Deep Dive Down

Instacart like Business in no time

People are limited to their houses while the lockdown continues. In many countries throughout the world. They still need to get groceries and other household things. If you are someone who wants to assist people to get their essential needs. Such as grocery delivery, use our advanced online marketplace solutions. With the help of our grocery app development solution. You can start your grocery business app. It’s also capable of managing a wide range of different on-demand business models.
Understanding user needs and establishing a flexible network. To deliver groceries faster with a reliable Instacart Clone app development. Our solution is fully-packed with all the latest features. This helps you look different and serve better. Our Instacart clone app development solutions can be an overwhelming experience. We are here to help. Talk to our experts to receive valuable suggestions. Tailored to your specific business needs.

Certainly, an Instacart Clone typically includes a range of features to facilitate online grocery shopping and delivery. Here are some common features you might find:

User-Facing Features:

  1. User Registration and Profile: Users can create accounts and manage their profiles with personal details, preferences, and order history.
  2. Product Catalog: A comprehensive listing of grocery items from various vendors, often categorized for easy browsing.
  3. Search and Filters: Advanced search options and filters to quickly find specific products or brands.
  4. Cart Management: Users can add, edit, and remove items from their virtual carts before checkout.
  5. Secure Checkout: Multiple payment options and secure gateways for smooth and safe transactions.
  6. Order Tracking: Real-time tracking to monitor the status and delivery progress of orders.
  7. Delivery Options: Flexible delivery slots and address management for convenient order receipt.
  8. Push Notifications: Instant alerts about order updates, promotions, and recommendations.
  9. Ratings and Reviews: Users can rate and review products, vendors, and overall service quality.
  10. Favorites and Reorder: The ability to save favorite items and easily reorder them for future purchases.

Vendor Management Features:

  1. Vendor Registration: Vendors can register accounts and list their products on the platform.
  2. Product Listing: Vendors can add, edit, and manage their product listings, including descriptions and images.
  3. Inventory Management: Tools to manage stock levels and update product availability in real-time.
  4. Order Processing: Notification and order management system for vendors to fulfill incoming orders.
  5. Commission System: Automated calculation of commissions or fees payable to the platform for each sale.

Admin Dashboard Features:

  1. Dashboard Overview: Centralized hub for admins to monitor and manage platform activities.
  2. User Management: Admins can manage user accounts, address concerns, and resolve issues.
  3. Vendor Oversight: Control over vendor registrations, product listings, and operational aspects.
  4. Order Management: Comprehensive view of incoming orders, enabling efficient processing and tracking.
  5. Analytics and Reports: Data-driven insights into sales, user behavior, and platform performance.
  6. Promotions and Discounts: Tools to create and manage promotional campaigns to attract and retain users.
  7. Feedback Management: Admins can address user feedback and reviews to improve the platform.

These are general features that you might find in an Instacart Clone. Depending on the development and customization, additional features can be added to enhance the user experience and meet specific business requirements.

Instacart clone / AmazonFresh Clone

Go global with the Instacart Clone app or AmazonFresh clone app. Supporting your business operations to deliver groceries. Serve more customers and increase your delivery profits. Stay ahead in the competition with our perfect app support. Instacart Clone Script also known as AmazonFresh clone app is a popular solution. This helps customers to get their goods delivered from local stores. Online ordering of groceries is just a matter of a few clicks on your smartphone.
To achieve AmazonFresh or Instacart like success. As it lines up another $100 million. It is necessary to put in place modern technology. While developing any delivery business it is important. That is investible for growth. Instacart Clone is the King of Grocery Ordering & Delivery. The solutions come with mobile apps. Managed admin panel which also enables you to do order tracking.
You get mobile applications for both ios and android. Easy grocery shopping from the grocery stores. Gives a new meaning to the concept of online grocery delivery. Customers are always searching for an online solution that saves both time and money. Instacart Clone Script is like AmazonFresh clone script. It is a reliable and trustworthy delivery solution. that offers features for achieving tremendous success.
We have made it easy for users. By providing you with a ready-made and customizable Instacart clone / AmazonFresh clone. To fulfil this growing demand of customers.
AmazonFresh clone app is an Online delivery solution. That allows users to get food delivery from their nearby Stores. At a very negligible cost in one single solution. With the help of a website or application, an individual can place orders. Service providers deliver the order within the city. It would be of great benefit for store owners. Because hiring permanent staff is expensive. With the help of the AmazonFresh clone, they can deliver groceries. At cost-effective rates.
Instacart Clone Scripts & Apps | On-Demand Grocery Delivery App was a sigh of relief for them. One of your family members is already using an app. To order groceries, fruits, and vegetables or else for your home. Start your own grocery delivery business with our clone app solution.
This solution follows the below-mentioned process:
Customers can place an order using a website or dedicated application.
Then the Store owners receive the request by a customer.
Prepare the package.
Once the order is ready to dispatch.
The delivery man receives the request from the store owner.
Delivery providers hand over the parcel to the customer's location.
Customers pay the order amount.
Social Media login is also present other than Phone and email login. This can be enabled or disabled from the admin backend.
You don’t need huge capital and wait for long to make your dream come to life. With Miracuves’s Instacart clone app, you can have an excellent chance. To get your app developed to turn live as soon as possible. We help you get the superb online grocery ordering suite within your budget. On-demand grocery delivery apps are trending over years. Many have stepped into owning and launching one. Whether you are a new startup or an old vendor in the industry. Our expert team helps you with solutions.
Our Instacart clone comes loaded with features. Offering great experience for customers, vendors, delivery executives, and the business owner. Join hands with us and get started right away! At Miracuves, we have a team of professionals. Who is working in the on-demand app development field for years? We can provide you with the best grocery delivery app like Instacart. Get started your business process with us.

Instacart Clone 2023

With easy UI experience and functional back-end. Take a step ahead in this business world by partnering with us. We have great experience in developing applications for the On-Demand Delivery sector. Our highly skilled team is specialized in developing robust applications. Our white-label grocery app is 100% customisable. It is readily available along with a wide range of solutions. Our expert team of marketing and customer support is there to help and address your problems.

An Instacart Clone can generate revenue through various monetization strategies. Here are some common revenue models that such platforms might adopt:

  1. Delivery Fees: Charging customers a fee for each delivery made, often based on factors like distance, order size, or urgency.

  2. Markup on Products: Applying a markup on the prices of products compared to their regular retail prices, allowing the platform to earn a margin on each sale.

  3. Subscription Plans: Offering premium subscription tiers that provide benefits such as free deliveries, exclusive discounts, and priority access to new products.

  4. Vendor Commission: Charging vendors a percentage commission on each sale made through the platform, covering the use of the online marketplace.

  5. Featured Listings: Offering vendors the option to pay for prominent placement of their products on the platform, increasing visibility and sales potential.

  6. Advertising and Promotions: Allowing vendors to run targeted ads or promotions within the platform, generating additional revenue streams.

  7. Partnerships and Sponsorships: Collaborating with brands or other businesses for sponsorships or partnerships that align with the platform's offerings.

  8. Data Monetization: Aggregating and anonymizing user data to provide insights to brands or research firms, generating revenue through data licensing.

  9. White-Label Solutions: Offering the Instacart Clone platform as a white-label solution to other businesses, generating revenue through licensing fees.

  10. In-App Purchases: Offering value-added services or features within the app that users can purchase, enhancing their experience.

  11. Late Cancellation or Rescheduling Fees: Charging users a fee if they cancel or reschedule their order close to the delivery time.

  12. Surge Pricing: Implementing surge pricing during peak demand periods, allowing the platform to charge higher delivery fees.

The revenue model can be a combination of these strategies, tailored to the platform's target audience, market conditions, and business goals.

An advanced Instacart Clone can offer a range of innovative features to elevate the online grocery shopping experience. Here are some advanced features that could set your platform apart:

  1. AI-Powered Recommendations: Implement artificial intelligence to analyze user preferences, past purchases, and browsing behavior to provide personalized product recommendations and deals, enhancing user engagement and sales.

  2. Predictive Analytics: Utilize predictive analytics to forecast demand, optimize inventory management, and ensure product availability, reducing stockouts and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  3. Dynamic Pricing: Introduce dynamic pricing based on real-time factors such as demand, supply, and market conditions, allowing prices to adjust for optimal profitability while maintaining customer trust.

  4. Augmented Reality Shopping: Integrate augmented reality (AR) to enable users to virtually view products in their real-world environment before purchasing, enhancing product visualization and reducing returns.

  5. Blockchain Integration: Incorporate blockchain technology to enhance transparency and traceability of products, ensuring the authenticity and origin of goods, particularly for premium or specialty items.

  6. Chatbots with Natural Language Processing (NLP): Develop advanced chatbots that use NLP to understand and respond to user queries more accurately, providing instant assistance and improving customer support.

  7. Geo-Fencing and Geo-Targeting: Use location-based services to set up geo-fences for targeted promotions, and send notifications to users when they are in proximity to a physical store or delivery hub.

  8. Offline Mode: Enable users to save their shopping lists and continue browsing and adding items even when they are offline, syncing the data once they regain internet connectivity.

  9. Voice Commerce: Implement voice-enabled shopping, allowing users to verbally add items to their carts, check out, and manage their orders, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

  10. IoT Integration: Connect with IoT devices like smart fridges to monitor food inventory levels at home, suggesting reorders directly to the user's cart.

  11. Subscription Boxes: Offer curated subscription boxes for regular customers, providing a convenient and personalized shopping experience delivered on a recurring basis.

  12. Social Sharing and Collaboration: Allow users to share their carts, shopping lists, or recipes with friends and family, fostering collaborative shopping and enabling group orders.

  13. One-Click Reorder: Implement a feature that allows users to reorder their entire previous purchase with a single click, saving time and effort.

  14. Virtual Shopping Assistant: Introduce a virtual assistant that guides users through the shopping process, answers queries, and provides real-time assistance, enhancing the overall customer experience.

These advanced features can differentiate your Instacart Clone in a competitive market, providing users with a unique and innovative way to shop for groceries online.

The future prospects of an Instacart Clone are promising, given the ongoing evolution of the online grocery industry and changing consumer preferences. Here are some key future prospects for such a platform:

  1. Continued Growth of Online Grocery: The trend of online grocery shopping is expected to continue growing as more consumers embrace the convenience of digital shopping, creating ample opportunities for Instacart Clone platforms to expand their user base.

  2. Personalization and AI: As AI and machine learning continue to advance, Instacart Clones can offer even more personalized experiences, tailoring product recommendations, deals, and offers to individual user preferences.

  3. Sustainable and Ethical Shopping: Consumers are increasingly conscious of sustainability and ethical sourcing. Instacart Clones that emphasize transparency, eco-friendly products, and ethical practices can tap into this growing demand.

  4. Delivery Innovations: The integration of autonomous vehicles and drones for delivery could reshape the last-mile logistics of grocery delivery, potentially reducing delivery times and costs.

  5. Partnerships and Integration: Collaborations with local farmers, specialty stores, and organic producers can diversify product offerings and cater to niche markets, enhancing the platform's value proposition.

  6. Health and Wellness Focus: Platforms that incorporate health tracking, dietary preferences, and allergy information can offer tailored shopping experiences for health-conscious users.

  7. IoT and Smart Homes: Integration with smart home devices can enable users to manage their grocery needs seamlessly, with devices monitoring inventory levels and automatically placing orders.

  8. Voice Commerce Expansion: With the rise of voice-enabled devices like smart speakers, incorporating voice commerce could become a mainstream feature, allowing users to shop using voice commands.

  9. AR and VR Integration: Augmented and virtual reality could be used to create immersive shopping experiences, allowing users to virtually explore aisles, examine products, and make informed choices.

  10. Global Expansion: Expanding the platform to new regions and markets presents opportunities to tap into diverse customer bases and adapt to regional shopping preferences.

  11. Contactless and Hygiene Focus: The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless services. Instacart Clones that prioritize hygiene measures and contactless delivery options could maintain their relevance.

  12. Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging advanced analytics and data-driven insights can help platforms optimize inventory management, pricing strategies, and customer engagement.

In summary, an Instacart Clone's future prospects look bright as it embraces technological advancements, consumer preferences, and market trends. By staying agile, innovative, and customer-centric, such platforms can continue to meet the evolving needs of modern shoppers and play a significant role in shaping the future of grocery retail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instacart Clone?

An Instacart Clone is a platform designed to replicate the features and functionalities of the popular grocery delivery service, Instacart. It enables users to shop for groceries online, choose from various vendors, and have their orders delivered to their doorstep.

How does the Instacart Clone work?

The Instacart Clone works by offering users a digital marketplace where they can browse through a wide range of grocery products, add items to their cart, and proceed to checkout. Vendors list their products on the platform, and users can select items from different vendors. Once the order is placed, it is processed, packed, and delivered to the specified address.

What are the benefits of using an Instacart Clone?

Using an Instacart Clone offers several benefits, including convenience, time savings, access to a wide variety of products, flexible delivery options, and the ability to shop from multiple vendors in a single platform.

Are there additional fees for using the Instacart Clone?

Yes, Instacart Clones typically charge fees for delivery, which can vary based on factors such as distance, order size, and delivery speed. Some platforms might also apply markup on product prices. Additionally, premium features like subscription plans might come with associated costs.

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