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Miracuves offers 100% customizable Mailchimp Clone, a white-label Email Marketing & email campaigns platform integrated with all the new-age features and functionalities.

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Mailchimp Clone: Transform Your Email Marketing & Email Campaign Landscape

Use personalized emails to make your marketing better and reach new levels!

Introducing a professionally developed Mailchimp Clone can revolutionize your email marketing strategy, providing you with the decisive edge to:

  1. Enhance Targeting: Tailor your email campaigns with precision targeting, ensuring they reach the right audience segments.

  2. Amplify Engagement: Utilize advanced features to create captivating email content that drives higher open and click-through rates.

  3. Streamline Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and workflows to save time and maximize efficiency in your email marketing efforts.

  4. Analyze Insights: Gain valuable insights through robust analytics and reporting tools, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize campaign performance.

User-Friendly Interface

A Mailchimp clone should feature an intuitive interface for effortless campaign creation and management, streamlining the email marketing process.

Automation Functionality

Incorporating robust automation features enables users to set up drip campaigns, trigger-based emails, and other automated workflows to engage subscribers effectively.

Customization Options

Offering extensive customization capabilities allows users to personalize emails, templates, and campaigns to align with their brand identity and audience preferences.

Analytics and Reporting

Providing comprehensive analytics tools empowers users to track key metrics, analyze campaign performance, and derive actionable insights for continuous improvement in their email marketing strategies.

Awards & Achievements

Mailchimp clone, Activecampaign clone, Active Campaign Clone

With Mailchimp Clone

With a Mailchimp Clone Script, businesses can unlock a plethora of opportunities to elevate their email marketing endeavors. Boasting a user-friendly interface akin to Mailchimp, this script facilitates seamless campaign creation and management, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. 

Its customization options enable businesses to tailor their emails and templates with precision, fostering brand consistency and enhancing engagement with subscribers. Furthermore, the incorporation of advanced automation functionality empowers businesses to automate repetitive tasks, nurture leads effectively, and drive conversions effortlessly. 

By leveraging comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, businesses can gain valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing for data-driven decisions to optimize future strategies and achieve tangible results.

Email Marketing Platforms

The emergence of a disruptive Mailchimp Clone in the industry signals a seismic shift in the landscape of email marketing solutions. With a user-friendly interface akin to Mailchimp and innovative features surpassing its predecessor, this disruptive clone sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in email campaign management. 


Offering unparalleled customization options, businesses can tailor their campaigns with unprecedented precision, ensuring maximum engagement and resonance with their target audience. Moreover, the integration of advanced automation capabilities streamlines workflows, allowing businesses to nurture leads seamlessly and drive conversions at scale.

Mailchimp clone, Activecampaign clone, Active Campaign Clone

Under The Hood

Miracuves IT Solutions

Cutting-edge Features
of Mailchimp Clone

The Mailchimp Clone boasts cutting-edge features that revolutionize email marketing. Advanced segmentation enables precise audience targeting, while AI-powered content optimization ensures maximum engagement and conversion. Multi-channel integration seamlessly connects email campaigns with social media and SMS marketing efforts. Real-time collaboration tools streamline teamwork, fostering efficiency and creativity.

Advanced Segmentation

Enables precise targeting by segmenting subscribers based on demographics, behavior, and interactions.

AI-Powered Content Optimization

Utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize email content for maximum engagement and conversion.

Predictive Analytics

Forecasts subscriber behavior and campaign performance to inform strategic decision-making.

Dynamic Content Blocks

Allows for personalized content blocks within emails based on subscriber preferences and behavior.

Multi-Channel Integration

Seamlessly integrates with various marketing channels like social media and SMS for cohesive omni channel campaigns.

Real-Time Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration among team members with real-time editing and feedback features.

Mobile Optimization

Ensures emails are optimized for mobile devices, catering to the increasing mobile-centric behavior of subscribers.

Frontend, Backend & Apps

Plus laptop device

Web & User Panel

  1. Intuitive Campaign Builder: Allows users to easily create visually appealing email campaigns through a drag-and-drop interface.

  2. Subscriber Management: Enables users to manage subscriber lists, segment audiences, and personalize content for targeted communication.

  3. Analytics Dashboard: Provides users with detailed insights into campaign performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion metrics.

  4. Customizable Templates: Offers a library of customizable email templates to suit various industries and campaign objectives.

  5. Automation Workflows: Empowers users to set up automated email workflows for welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and drip campaigns.

  6.  A/B Testing: Allows users to test different elements of their email campaigns, such as subject lines and content, to optimize performance and increase engagement.

Admin Panel

  1. User Management: Enables administrators to manage user accounts, permissions, and access levels within the platform.

  2. Reporting and Analytics: Provides comprehensive reporting tools for administrators to monitor overall platform usage, performance metrics, and user activities.

  3. Billing and Payment Management: Facilitates billing processes, including subscription management, invoicing, and payment processing.

  4. Template and Content Management: Allows administrators to manage the library of email templates, images, and content available to users.

  5. Compliance and Security: Ensures compliance with data protection regulations and implements security measures to safeguard user data.

  6. API Integration: Offers API integration capabilities for seamless integration with third-party applications and services.
Plus laptop device
Plus mobile device

Mobile App

  1. Campaign Creation on the Go: Allows users to create and manage email campaigns directly from their mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience.

  2. Real-Time Notifications: Sends notifications to users for important campaign updates, subscriber interactions, and performance insights.

  3. Subscriber Engagement Tracking: Enables users to monitor subscriber engagement metrics and respond to customer interactions in real-time.

  4. Offline Access: Provides offline access to essential features and data, allowing users to work efficiently even without an internet connection.

  5. Push Notifications: Sends push notifications to users for important account alerts, upcoming campaign deadlines, and performance milestones.

  6. Integration with Device Features: Integrates with device features such as camera and location services for enhanced functionality, such as capturing images for campaigns or targeting subscribers based on their location.

Deep Dive Down

Send Emails Seamlessly with Mailchimp Clone: Engage Subscribers Effectively

Are you looking to engage your subscribers effectively through email marketing? Look no further than the Mailchimp Clone, your go-to solution for sending emails seamlessly. 

With this clone script, you can kick start your project quickly, whether you’re buying the script or seeking assistance from our expert team. Our platform comes ready with standard features developed that enable effective email engagement. 

Our primary focus is on understanding your target audience and business goals, ensuring that our technology solutions align perfectly with your needs. In the web development industry, our team of designers and developers certifies that the entire design is built to the highest standards. 

From customizable designs to user-friendly interfaces, our solution enables you to run your email marketing campaign with ease. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help bring your email marketing idea to life.

Concept of Mailchimp Clone Script

The concept of a Mailchimp Clone Script revolves around creating a platform similar to Mailchimp, a popular tool for email marketing campaigns. This clone script, often built using PHP, is designed to send newsletters, manage subscribers, and customize email templates just like Mailchimp. 

It’s essentially the best Mailchimp clone open source platform that already includes standard features developed for email marketing purposes. With a ready-to-go architecture, entrepreneurs enable you to kick start their email marketing business idea quickly and confidently. 

The clone platform is highly expandable and customizable, focusing on understanding target audiences and markets. This ensures that the clone solution can be tailored to specific needs, whether it’s for bulk emails, SEO optimization, or comprehensive analytics, and it highlights that the clone platform already has standard features developed to cater to these requirements. 

The clone script guarantees business success with its highly scalable and customizable features, making it a world-class solution for website development and email marketing purposes.

Small business or big business everyone needs email marketing service with great email template.  Start with email marketing campaigns with our solution.

Best Mailchimp Clone Features

The top features of the best Mailchimp clone, empowering users to harness the functionalities of the platform effectively. 

With a focus on user-friendly design and seamless integration, these features ensure an unparalleled experience in email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp clone.

SES Integration for Reliable Email Delivery

A Mailchimp clone should include SES (Simple Email Service) integration, ensuring that emails are sent reliably and efficiently to subscribers. This feature enables seamless communication with your audience, enhancing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Open Source Platform with Standard Features

A top-notch Mailchimp clone platform is built upon an open-source architecture, offering standard features developed specifically for email marketing purposes. 

This ready-to-use platform saves time and effort, allowing users to kick-start their projects quickly with quality assured and is similar to Mailchimp or another site in its efficiency.

Highly Expandable and Customizable Clone Architecture

The clone architecture used in creating cutting-edge clone scripts ensures that the Mailchimp clone solution is highly expandable and customizable. 

Entrepreneurs can tailor the platform to their specific needs, whether it’s for bulk emails, various email templates, or comprehensive analytics, making it the best base Mailchimp clone platform ready for customization.

User-Friendly Interface and Prompt Support Modules

A key feature of the best Mailchimp clone is its user-friendly interface, prompt support modules, and being built on a clone architecture that we use to ensure ease of use. 

This enables users to navigate the platform effortlessly and get assistance when needed, ensuring a smooth experience throughout the email marketing process.

Complete Custom Design Options and Market Research Integration

The Mailchimp clone solution offers complete custom design options and integrates market research tools to help users validate their business ideas effectively. With a focus on understanding target audiences and markets, this feature enables entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and go to market with confidence.

Capabilities of Mailchimp like Clone App

The capabilities of a Mailchimp-like clone app are vast and versatile. With this open-source platform, users can easily send emails to their subscribers, just like they would with Mailchimp or any similar service. 

The clone platform comes with standard features developed specifically for email marketing purposes, making it ready to use right away. Its clone architecture ensures that the base platform is already prepared, allowing users to kick-start their projects quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you’re a business owner with an ongoing engagement or someone with an idea to build, this platform caters to your needs with custom solutions and prompt support from an expert team. The clone app is designed with a user-friendly interface and integrates seamlessly with market research tools, helping you understand your target audience better. 

Plus, it’s highly expandable, meaning it can grow with your business as needed. With its focus on technology solutions and understanding the market, this Mailchimp-like clone app is the ideal choice for anyone looking to run a website similar to Mailchimp, based on a standard structure and technology blueprint.

Inclusions of Mailchimp Clone Script

The Mailchimp Clone Script comes packed with essential features and tools to kick-start your email marketing project quickly and efficiently. The clone platform is already equipped with standard features developed specifically for email marketing purposes, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started. 

Whether you’re buying the script or seeking assistance from an expert team, the Mailchimp Clone Script offers a ready-to-go solution. The primary focus of the clone script is to understand your business model and target audience, ensuring that the platform meets your specific requirements. 

With a team of experienced designers and developers certifying the entire design, you can rest assured that the Mailchimp Clone Script enables you to run your email marketing campaign smoothly. 

From customizable designs to user-friendly interfaces, every inclusion in the script is designed to make your email marketing journey seamless and successful.

Marketability of Custom Solutions like Mailchimp Clone

The marketability of custom solutions like a Mailchimp clone is undeniable. With the Mailchimp clone platform already established and equipped with standard features, users can quickly kick-start their projects and go to market with confidence. 

The clone architecture used ensures that the base platform is ready for immediate use, offering a website clone architecture similar to Mailchimp. This platform caters to businesses of all sizes, whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing engagement. 

Plus, with its highly expandable nature, the Mailchimp clone platform adapts to the evolving needs of the market and its audience. The focus remains on understanding target audiences and markets, ensuring that the solution meets the specific requirements of each user. 

With an expert team readily available to provide assistance and guidance, users can be assured that the entire design and code are built to the highest standards. This custom solution enables users to run their websites seamlessly, with an in-built user interface and a primary focus on design and graphics. 

Overall, the marketability of custom solutions like a Mailchimp clone lies in their ability to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses while offering ease of use and reliability.

Revenue Model of Email Marketing Solution like Mailchimp

The revenue model of an email marketing solution like Mailchimp revolves around subscription plans, pay-per-use models, premium features, customization services, and training/consultation offerings. 

These diverse revenue streams ensure that the platform remains profitable while providing value to its users.


  1. Subscription Plans: Similar to Mailchimp, an email marketing solution’s primary revenue stream often comes from subscription plans. Users can choose from different tiers based on their needs and budget, offering features such as increased email sending limits, advanced analytics, and access to premium templates.
  2. Pay-Per-Use Model: Another revenue model involves charging users based on their usage. This could include fees for each email sent, additional charges for features like A/B testing or automation, or fees for additional subscriber lists, making it a Mailchimp based on our standard pricing model.
  3. Premium Features and Add-ons: To cater to users with specific requirements, the platform can offer premium features and add-ons for an additional cost, following the base Mailchimp clone platform ready approach. These could include advanced segmentation tools, custom integrations with other software, or enhanced customer support options.
  4. Customization Services: Businesses looking for a more tailored solution may opt for customization services offered by the email marketing solution provider. This could involve designing custom email templates, implementing branding guidelines, or integrating the platform with existing systems.
  5. Training and Consultation: Revenue can also be generated through training and consultation services. This could include offering webinars, workshops, or one-on-one consultations to help users make the most of the platform and improve their email marketing strategies.

Prospects of Ready-to-Launch Mailchimp Clone Solution

The prospects of a ready-to-launch Mailchimp clone solution are highly promising. With the clone platform already equipped with standard features developed specifically for email marketing purposes, users can kick start their projects quickly and effortlessly. 

This platform is built upon a clone architecture that ensures its readiness, similar to Mailchimp or any other email marketing site. Since the platform is highly expandable and customizable, users can tailor it to their specific needs while keeping their target audience and market in mind. 

Whether it’s for a one-time project or an ongoing engagement, the Mailchimp clone solution enables users to go to the market with confidence, embodying the project is an on-going engagement spirit. 

Plus, with an expert team ready to provide assistance and guidance, users can be assured that the entire design and development process is handled by professionals in the web development industry. The primary focus remains on understanding users’ ideas and requirements, ensuring that the final solution meets their expectations. 

Overall, the prospects of a ready-to-launch Mailchimp clone solution are bright, offering users the opportunity to bring their email marketing ideas to life with ease and efficiency.

It's Worth It

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Pre-built and readily available, reducing development time and enabling quick implementation.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Configured to suit specific needs, minimizing the need for extensive customization before deployment.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Once deployed, can be quickly integrated into existing systems, enabling seamless adoption.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Immediate access to modern technologies, enabling businesses to stay current and competitive.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Can be tailored to fit the organization's existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Save valuable time by addressing specific challenges efficiently, allowing teams to focus on core business activities.

Work & Process

Step 1


Users create an account or log in with existing credentials to access the Mailchimp Clone platform.

Step 2

Dashboard Overview

Upon logging in, users are greeted with a comprehensive dashboard displaying key metrics, recent activity, and campaign performance summaries.

Step 3

Create Campaign

Users initiate the campaign creation process by selecting the type of campaign they want to create, such as email, newsletter, or automation workflow.

Step 4

Design Email

Users design their email content using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, choosing from customizable templates or starting from scratch.

Step 5

Audience Segmentation

Users can perform various file management tasks such as renaming, moving, copying, or deleting files and folders.

Step 6

Set Automation

Users set up automation workflows, such as welcome emails, drip campaigns, or abandoned cart reminders, to streamline communication and nurture leads.

Step 7

Schedule/Send Campaign

Users schedule their campaign send-out time or send it immediately, choosing the optimal time for maximum reach and engagement.

Step 8

Monitor Performance

Users track the performance of their campaigns in real-time, analyzing metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to optimize future campaigns.

Video In Action

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Know It All

Web & Admin

We have used PHP with Core Framework along with MYSQL and VueJS, to make it robust and flexible.

Android Apps

Android Apps are done natively using Flutter on android using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

iOS Apps

IOS Apps are done natively using Flutter on Xcode using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

3rd Party API Major

Google Full Map SDK, Social Logins, Twilio, Firebase, Payment gateways, Google Translate & MTR.

Tech Stack

Get It All

Free Deployment

We do the rebranding of your web and apps with your logo, icons & color scheme and deploy them.

Source & Project Codes

We provide you with complete source codes at start and full project codes at the time of final delivery.

Apps Publishing

We take care of publishing your apps in both the stores on your developer accounts and get it approved.

Support Timeline

We offer 60 Days of tech bug support and 1 year of products if any in terms of SDK or API at no extra cost.

Add More Spice

Advanced Automation Workflows

Create sophisticated automation workflows with conditional branching, event triggers, and advanced scheduling options for unparalleled campaign automation.


API Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with third-party tools and platforms to extend functionality, streamline workflows, and leverage data from multiple sources for comprehensive insights and actions.


Why Choose Us

  • 100% Customizable
    We provide customization services to ensure that our clients get the exact features and functionalities they need for their clone solution needs.

  • Free Technical Support
    Our team of experts offers free technical support to our clients throughout the development process and even after the launch of the platform.

  • Free Bug Support
    We provide free bug support to our clients to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and without any issues.

  • Full Source Code
    We ensure you get complete ownership of the Mailchimp clone by offering you the full source code.

price tag

Custom development requires a high budget but our ready-made clone script comes with ample features and free rebranding service at a budget price.



Waiting is boring, that is why we bring you this ready-to-launch clone script which is completely customizable as per your needs.



We have vast experience in developing cryptocurrency-based applications to make your deployment capable enough to boost your crypto trading business.



We know the seriousness of security in the current times of data breach. That is why we have already verified our clone script with rigorous security testing.



Our dedication to providing a comprehensive solution, we've also optimized the script for enhanced speed, ensuring that users experience swift and efficient performance.



Combining al the key points we come to the stage of efficient functioning solution which delivers the right purpose and functions for everyone.

Ready Made Mailchimp

Why Our Premium Mailchimp Clone Script Over Custom Development?

Cost Effective

Custom development requires a high budget but our ready-made Mailchimp clone script comes with ample features and free customization service at a budget price.

Time to Market

Waiting is boring, that is why we bring you this ready-to-launch Mailchimp clone script which is completely customizable as per your needs and to meet market standards.


We have vast experience in developing Email Campaign based applications to make your Mailchimp Clone capable enough to boost file and folder storage and management platforms .


We know the seriousness of security in all in one apps like Mailchimp. That is why we have already verified our Mailchimp clone script with rigorous security testing to keep data safe.

Our Development Process for Mailchimp Clone App

Requirements Gathering

The first step we follow is to learn about your unique business needs, goals, and future expectations so we can customize our Mailchimp clone script to your specific requirements.


In the next step, our highly skilled designers will work closely with you to create an all-inclusive, visually pleasing, and user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and effective.


Yes, we offer a ready-to-launch Mailchimp clone app, but the development phase is necessary to implement the modifications needed in the script as per your requirements.


We use a rigorous testing process to ensure that the Mailchimp clone is completely free of bugs and meets all of your requirements before it is deployed on your requested servers.


Once the quality team passes us the green signal we will proceed to the deployment process, ensuring your Mailchimp clone is smoothly deployed and runs as you have wanted.

Support & Maintainence

We offer 60 days of free support and maintenance services including technical support, and bug support to ensure that your Mailchimp clone continues to meet your business goals.

Unleash Your Business’s True Potential

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Why partner with us?

Miracuves offers comprehensive support and full ownership of source code for your Mailchimp clone – Email Marketing & Email Campaign platform, prioritizing security, transparency, client satisfaction, on-time delivery, and utmost secrecy to safeguard your project and trust along with the complete source code.

Miracuves Partner for Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mailchimp Clone?

A Mailchimp clone is a software solution that replicates the features and functionalities of the popular email marketing platform Mailchimp. It allows users to create, send, and manage email campaigns similar to Mailchimp.

How does a Mailchimp Clone differ from Mailchimp?

While Mailchimp is a proprietary platform, a Mailchimp clone is typically an open-source or customizable solution that offers similar features. It allows users more flexibility in customization and integration with other systems.

Can I use a Mailchimp Clone for my business?

Yes, a Mailchimp clone can be used for various businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. It provides an effective way to engage with customers through email marketing campaigns.

What features does a Mailchimp Clone offer?

A Mailchimp clone typically offers features such as email campaign management, subscriber list management, customizable templates, analytics, automation, and integration with third-party tools and platforms.

How can I get started with a Mailchimp Clone?

Getting started with a Mailchimp clone involves obtaining the software, customizing it to your needs, importing your subscriber list, creating email campaigns, and analyzing their performance. You can either build your own clone or opt for pre-built solutions offered by software providers.


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