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Miracuves offers 100% customizable GoJek Clone, a white-label Rides, Deliveries, and Services platform integrated with all the new-age features and functionalities.

Gojek clone, gojek clone script by Miracuves

Gojek Clone Multi-Services Super App. Ride, Delivery & Services All in One.

Get a Cab, Order Food & Grocery, Send Parcel Or Request Handymen or Professional Services.

GoJek Clone 2024 Script & Apps solution was developed to work the same as GoJek. This one comes with a lot of extra features. More features than the original one and is more powerful. Advanced admin panels to manage all the segments with single control and management. Unified Control with Ease. Multiple Services in One App. A professionally developed Gojek Clone can give you the decisive edge to:

  1. Rapid Market Entry: A professionally developed Gojek clone enables you to swiftly enter the market with a feature-rich app, capitalizing on the proven business model of Gojek.

  2. Competitive Advantage: The clone equips you with advanced features and a seamless user experience, giving you a competitive edge by attracting users looking for a reliable and feature-packed on-demand service.

  3. Time and Cost Efficiency: Developing a clone saves significant time and resources compared to building an app from scratch, allowing you to focus on refining and expanding your business operations.

  4. Scalability: With a robust clone, you can easily scale your operations and add new services, meeting growing demand and staying adaptable to market trends.

Rides & Rentals

Comprehensive rides and rentals platform, facilitating seamless transportation and vehicle rental services for users, while allowing drivers to earn income flexibly.

Handymen Services

The clone provides a platform for users to access a wide range of handyman services, from plumbing to electrical work, connecting skilled professionals with individuals in need of household assistance.

Food, Grocery & Parcels

Users can conveniently order food, groceries, and send/receive parcels through the app, creating a versatile on-demand delivery ecosystem that caters to various daily needs.

Multi Maps API Rotator

Utilizing multiple mapping APIs, the clone enhances navigation accuracy and reliability, ensuring users and service providers have optimal route guidance and location-based functionalities.

Gojek clone by Miracuves, gojek clone app, gojek clone script

With Gojek Clone

In the competitive landscape of on-demand services, our Gojek clone stands out as a trailblazer by seamlessly converging a diverse array of services into a single, user-friendly platform. Offering an unparalleled level of convenience, users can effortlessly access rides, rentals, food delivery, grocery shopping, parcel delivery, and an array of handyman services within a single app. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to optimizing user experience through cutting-edge technology.

Rides Deliveries Services

Prepare to revolutionize the rides, deliveries, and services market with our Gojek clone—a game-changing platform designed to redefine convenience. By amalgamating a wide spectrum of essential services, including rides, food delivery, parcel transportation, and an array of professional services, all under one intuitive interface, we’re set to disrupt the status quo. This innovation not only eliminates the need for users to juggle multiple apps but also empowers businesses with an all-encompassing solution, streamlining operations and enhancing customer reach.

Gojek clone, gojek clone script by Miracuves

Under The Hood

Miracuves IT Solutions

Cutting-edge Features
that drive GoJek Clone

The Gojek Clone introduces a host of cutting-edge features that redefine convenience and efficiency. Its real-time multi-service booking enables users to seamlessly request rides, food deliveries, and more in a single interface. 

Real-time Multi-Service Booking

Book rides, food delivery, and more simultaneously, simplifying users' daily tasks.

Intelligent Route Optimization

Advanced algorithms ensure efficient navigation for drivers and faster service delivery.

In-App Wallet and Payments

Secure, cashless transactions with integrated digital wallet for seamless payments.

Service Provider Rating System

Empower users to make informed choices based on peer-reviewed ratings and feedback.

Multi-Language Support

Reach a diverse user base with a platform available in multiple languages.

Live Tracking and Notifications

Real-time updates on service progress, enhancing user experience.

Instant Customer Support

Integrated chat or call support for quick issue resolution and assistance.

Frontend, Backend & Apps

Plus laptop device

Web & User Panel

  1. Multi-Service Selection: Users can effortlessly choose from a wide range of services, from rides to deliveries and more, all through an intuitive interface.

  2. Flexible Payment Options: Multiple payment methods and a digital wallet offer seamless and secure transactions for a cashless experience.

  3. Real-time Tracking: Users can track service providers in real-time on a map, ensuring transparency and accurate service arrival estimates.

  4. Service Customization: Customizable preferences for rides, deliveries, and services allow users to tailor their experience to their specific needs.

  5. Service History: A comprehensive history log keeps track of past orders, making it easy for users to reorder or reference previous transactions.

  6. User Ratings and Reviews: Users can rate and review service providers, fostering trust within the community and guiding future choices.

Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard and Analytics: An overview of key metrics and data-driven insights empowers administrators to make informed decisions.

  2. Service Management: The ability to manage and categorize services, service providers, and user accounts ensures efficient operations.

  3. Earnings Tracking: Real-time monitoring of earnings, commissions, and payouts simplifies financial management and reporting.

  4. User Management: Efficiently manage user accounts, track activity, and address any issues through a user-friendly interface.

  5. Promotions and Offers: Create and manage promotional campaigns, discounts, and offers to attract and retain users.

  6. Support and Dispute Resolution: Integrated support features streamline issue resolution and disputes between users and service providers.
Plus laptop device
Plus mobile device

Mobile App

  1. Geolocation Services: Utilizing GPS, users can accurately pinpoint locations and navigate to their desired destinations.

  2. Push Notifications: Instant alerts keep users updated about service status, promotions, and important information.
  3. Simplified Registration: Quick and secure sign-up methods, including social media integration, make onboarding seamless.

  4. Interactive Maps: Maps offer intuitive navigation and real-time tracking for both users and service providers.

  5. Instant Messaging: Built-in chat functionality enables direct communication between users and service providers.

  6. Rating and Feedback: Users can conveniently rate services and provide feedback, enhancing the overall quality of the platform.

Deep Dive Down

Create Your Super App with Our Gojek Clone App Development for Multi-Service Business

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital era, on-demand services have become a game-changer for businesses. The concept of a super app, like Gojek, has revolutionized the way customers access various services through a single platform. This article will delve into the concept of Gojek clone, its benefits for businesses, and the features it offers. Furthermore, it will examine the capabilities of on demand apps like Gojek, and the development solutions available for creating a service like a multi service app.

Understanding the Gojek Clone Concept 

The Gojek clone concept revolves around creating a versatile and robust on demand multi service  that caters to diverse customer needs. It replicates the functionalities of the original Gojek app, offering a wide array of services to users within a single app platform.

How Gojek Clone Benefits Your Business

Implementing a Gojek clone for your business can yield numerous benefits. It allows you to provide a comprehensive and seamless customer experience by offering multiple services through a single app interface. Furthermore, it enhances operational efficiency and accessibility, catering to a broader customer base.

 Gojek Clone App Development Features 

The Gojek clone script comes equipped with a plethora of features to support various on demand services. It includes functionalities for food delivery, courier services, and more, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to offer diverse services through a single platform.

Looking for the perfect multi-service app like Gojek clone app to launch your on-demand business? Our all-in-one multi-service app, similar to Gojek, is fully customizable and scalable. Developed by a leading app development company, the clone offers a range of services within a single platform.

From transportation to food delivery and household chores, users can choose their desired service with ease using the graphical flow of the app. The Gojek clone script, available on the Apple App Store, is designed to be an on-demand multi-service solution, providing a seamless experience for both app owners and users.

Create your own on-demand super app from scratch with our customized Gojek clone app. This mobile app is not just a clone; it's a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs. The app allows users to book services effortlessly, earning the app owner a commission for every service booked.

With features like a driver app, the choice of services, and a user-friendly interface, this Gojek clone offers the best solution for startups and businesses aiming to establish their presence in the on-demand service industry. Whether you're looking to launch a startup like Gojek or seeking a super app solution, our Gojek clone app development services are here to meet your needs.

Features of Gojek Clone App

Exploring the Key Features of Gojek Clone App

The Gojek clone script offers an extensive range of features, including user-friendly interfaces, secure payment gateways, and real-time tracking. These features contribute to an elevated user experience and ensure seamless interactions when availing different services through the app.

How the gojek clone is an on-demand service, goes a long way in enhancing user experience.

The user-centric design and intuitive features of the Gojek clone contribute to enhancing the overall user experience. By providing a unified platform for accessing multiple services, users can seamlessly navigate through various offerings and avail them with ease.

Customization Options for Gojek Clone App

Businesses can customize the Gojek clone script to align with their branding and specific service offerings. This flexibility inherent in the source code allows for customized app experiences while enabling businesses to shape the app to accommodate the unique needs of their target users.

Driver App features

The app for driver and provider are the same and that means that single app can be used for riding people around, delivering stuff and providing services.

  • Multi Maps API Rotator: The platform uses multiple maps API rotators to ensure reliable and accurate location tracking and routing. This feature also helps reduce downtime and improve overall service quality.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: The platform offers multiple payment gateways, allowing customers to choose the payment option that is most convenient for them. This feature also helps businesses expand their customer base by catering to a wide range of payment preferences.
  • OTP for Rides and Services: The platform uses OTP (One Time Password) verification to enhance the security of rides and services. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access the platform and use its services.
  • Wallet to Wallet Transfer: The platform allows customers to transfer funds from one wallet to another, enabling seamless and secure transactions between users. This feature also provides customers with a convenient way to pay for services and rides.
  • VoIP & Number Masking: The platform uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and number masking to protect the privacy of customers and service providers. This feature ensures that all calls and messages are routed through the platform and keeps personal contact information confidential.
  • Provider Subscription: The platform offers a subscription model for service providers, allowing them to access exclusive features and benefits. This feature also helps businesses retain their top- performing service providers and incentivizes them to provide high-quality service.
  • Reports: The platform provides detailed reports on service usage, revenue, and other key metrics. This feature allows businesses to track their performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.
  • Provider Withdrawal and Settlement: The platform allows service providers to withdraw their earnings and settle their accounts at regular intervals. This feature provides service providers with a reliable and timely payment system and improves overall user satisfaction.

Capabilities of On-Demand App like Gojek clone solution

Understanding the Scope of On-Demand Apps like Gojek

An on demand app like Gojek encompasses the capability to offer a wide range of services, including transportation, delivery, and various other on demand services, all through a single app interface. This expansive scope caters to the diverse needs of modern consumers.

Key Functionalities of On Demand Multi-Service Apps

The key functionalities of the gojek clone are an on demand multi service , which include seamless booking processes, real-time updates, and secure payment options. These functionalities of the delivery app ensure convenience and reliability for users, ultimately contributing to a superior customer experience.

Scalability and Flexibility of Gojek-like App

Gojek-like apps are designed to be highly scalable and flexible, allowing for the addition of new services and features as per the evolving market demands. This adaptability ensures that the app remains relevant and competitive within the on demand service industry.

Inclusions of Gojek-Like Provider App

Exploring the Gojek-Like Provider App-Features

The provider within the Gojek-like ecosystem equips service providers with the tools and resources to efficiently manage and fulfill customer requests. It offers functionalities for order management, navigation, and communication, empowering service providers to deliver exceptional service.

Maximizing Efficiency with Gojek Clone Software

The Gojek clone-software maximizes operational efficiency by streamlining service provider operations. It facilitates effective order dispatch, route optimization, and seamless communication, enabling service providers to deliver services promptly and efficiently.

Enhancing User Engagement through Provider App

The provider plays a pivotal role in enhancing user engagement by enabling service providers to deliver timely and satisfactory services. This, in turn, fosters positive customer experiences and encourages repeat app usage.

What is the Marketability of a Gojek Like App in Today's Business Environment?

Understanding the Demand for Multi-Service Apps - The rise of on demand multi service-apps can be attributed to the convenience and ease they offer to users. With just a few taps on their mobile devices, customers can access a wide array of services including transportation, delivery, and household maintenance, among others, all in one app. This fusion of services, offered by the gojek clone app script, provides unparalleled convenience, which makes it a highly marketable concept in today's fast-paced world.

Assessing the Potential User Base for a Gojek Clone-Software - The potential user base for a Gojek clone app is vast and diverse, encompassing individuals and businesses alike. From urban dwellers looking for quick and hassle-free transportation to small businesses in need of reliable delivery services, the market for a multi service is expansive.

Evaluating Revenue Opportunities in a Gojek App Clone - With a diverse range of services offered within a Gojek-like app, the revenue opportunities are manifold. Businesses can capitalize on various monetization channels including commission-based earnings from service providers, targeted advertising, and subscription models, making it a lucrative investment.

How Does an On-Demand Service like Gojek App Solution Benefit Various Businesses?

Exploring the Range of Services Offered in a Gojek Clone – The appeal of a Gojek-like app lies in the extensive range of services it offers. From using the app for ride-hailing and food delivery to payment services and beauty appointments, the multi-service app serves almost every service a user might require, thereby, becoming an integral part of their daily routine.

Case Studies on the Successful Implementation of a Gojek-like App – Numerous businesses have embraced the on demand multi-service model and reaped substantial benefits. Case studies demonstrate the positive impact of such apps, showcasing increased customer engagement, higher sales, and enhanced brand loyalty.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Preferences in the On Demand Service Market – One of the key advantages is on-demand multi-service like Gojek clone solution is its flexibility to adapt to evolving consumer preferences. Businesses can customize the app to incorporate new services, payment methods, and features, ensuring that they remain relevant in the dynamic on demand service market.

A Gojek clone can have different revenue models depending on the business strategy and goals of the company. Here are some of the revenue models that can be adopted:

  1. Commission-based model: The platform can charge a commission fee for each transaction made through the platform. For example, if a user orders food from a restaurant through the app, the app can charge a commission fee from the restaurant for the transaction.

  2. Subscription-based model: The platform can offer different subscription plans to its users with additional benefits such as discounts, cashback, or free deliveries. The platform can charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee from its users.

  3. Advertising-based model: The platform can offer advertising space to businesses on its app. The businesses can pay for the advertising space, and the platform can earn revenue through advertisements.

  4. Delivery fee model: The platform can charge a delivery fee for each delivery made through the app. This model can work well for businesses that provide delivery services.

  5. Surge pricing model: The platform can implement surge pricing during peak hours or busy days. This model can help the platform to earn more revenue during high-demand periods.

  6. Partnership model: The platform can partner with other businesses such as airlines, hotels, or restaurants, and earn a commission fee for each transaction made through the partnership.

It's important to note that the revenue model should be aligned with the target market and the competition in the industry. 

What are the Prospects of Developing a Gojek Clone for a Multi-Service Business?

Identifying Opportunities for Expansion using a Gojek Like App – The potential for expansion and diversification using a Gojek clone is vast. With the capability to incorporate various services within the app, businesses can explore new market segments and broaden their service offerings, thereby expanding their customer base.

Customization and Tailoring the Gojek Clone-Software for Specific Business Models – The white label Gojek clone app provides businesses with the flexibility to customize the app to suit their specific business model. This ensures that the app aligns with the brand's identity and meets the unique requirements of the business and its customers.

Realizing the Potential Revenue Streams in a Gojek Clone App for Various Industries – The Gojek clone app presents multiple revenue streams across different industries. Whether it's a restaurant seeking delivery services or a salon offering on-demand appointments, the app caters to diverse businesses, making it a lucrative investment for various sectors.

Gojek clone App Development Solution

Gojek Clone App Development Process is involves meticulous planning, robust architecture design, and agile development methodologies. It encompasses the integration of various on-demand service modules and customization to create a tailored solution for businesses.

Customizing the Gojek Clone App Solution for Your Business. Businesses can tailor the gojek clone app script to match their branding, service offerings, and unique value propositions; app owners who are interested in this can always get in touch with us. This customization ensures that the app reflects the business identity and resonates with the target audience.

Ensuring Seamless Customer Experience with Gojek Clone Software

The primary objective of the Gojek clone-software is to ensure a seamless and intuitive customer experience. App owners seeking further details can easily get in touch with us. Every element of the app, ranging from the user interface to the accessibility of services, is meticulously crafted with the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Customer and Store App Features of Gojek App Clone

Key Features of the Customer App Works in a Multi-Service Application

The customer app within a multi-service application offers features such as service browsing, booking, secure payments, and real-time tracking. These features optimize the user experience and ensure hassle-free access to a multitude of services.

Through store app-features, optimizing user interaction becomes possible and easy for any on demand business.

The store app-features facilitate seamless interactions between service providers and app users. It includes functionalities for order handling, inventory management, and customer communication, aimed at fostering efficient service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Accessibility with Multi-Service App Solution

A on-demand multi-service solution, like Gojek, enhances accessibility by consolidating various services within a single platform. This consolidation simplifies service access for users and expands the reach of businesses offering diverse services through the on-demand multi-service app.

It's Worth It

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Pre-built and readily available, reducing development time and enabling quick implementation.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Configured to suit specific needs, minimizing the need for extensive customization before deployment.

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Once deployed, can be quickly integrated into existing systems, enabling seamless adoption.

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Immediate access to modern technologies, enabling businesses to stay current and competitive.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Can be tailored to fit the organization's existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration.

Miracuves IT Solutions, Miracuves IT Services, Miracuves Solutions


Save valuable time by addressing specific challenges efficiently, allowing teams to focus on core business activities.

Work & Process

Step 1

User Registration

Users create an account using email or social media credentials.

Step 2

Service Selection

Users choose from a range of services like rides, food delivery, etc.

Step 3

Location Input

Users input their location using GPS or manual entry.

Step 4

Service Customization

Users tailor service preferences, such as ride type or food order.

Step 5

Payment Setup

Users choose the payment method and add funds to the digital wallet if desired.

Step 6

Service Confirmation

Users review details and confirm the service request.

Step 7

Real-time Tracking

Users track service provider's location and ETA on the map.

Step 8

Completion & Rating

After service, users rate and review, and payments are deducted automatically.

Video In Action

Know It All

Web & Admin

We have used PHP with Bootstrap Framework along with MYSQL and NodeJS, to make it robust and flexible.

Android Apps

Android Apps are done natively using Flutter on android using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

iOS Apps

IOS Apps are done natively using Flutter on Xcode using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

3rd Party API Major

Google Full Map SDK, Social Logins, Twilio, Firebase, Payment gateways, Google Translate & MTR.

Tech Stack

Get It All

Free Deployment

We do the rebranding of your web and apps with your logo, icons & color scheme and deploy them.

Source & Project Codes

We provide you with complete source codes at start and full project codes at the time of final delivery.

Apps Publishing

We take care of publishing your apps in both the stores on your developer accounts and get it approved.

Support Timeline

We offer 60 Days of tech bug support and 1 year of products if any in terms of SDK or API at no extra cost.

Add More Spice

Video Calls in Services

Integrate video calling functionality within the app, allowing users to consult, guide, or receive real-time assistance during service delivery, enhancing user-provider interaction.


Delivery Runner/Genie

Offer a distinctive service where users can hire a "Delivery Runner" or "Genie" who can assist with a variety of tasks like shopping, queueing, or small errands, providing an all-encompassing concierge experience.


Bidding System for Rides & Services

Implement a dynamic bidding system where service providers can bid for user requests, fostering healthy competition, potentially offering users more competitive prices while allowing providers to optimize their earnings.


Region-Wise Payment Gateway

Integrate specialized payment gateways tailored to different regions, enhancing payment convenience for users across various locations and currencies, and addressing local preferences.


Why Choose Us

  • 100% Customizable
    We provide customization services to ensure that our clients get the exact features and functionalities they need for their clone solution needs.
  • Free Technical Support
    Our team of experts offers free technical support to our clients throughout the development process and even after the launch of the platform.
  • Free Bug Support
    We provide free bug support to our clients to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and without any issues.
  • Full Source Code
    We ensure you get complete ownership of the Gojek clone by offering you the full source code.

price tag

Custom development requires a high budget but our ready-made clone script comes with ample features and free rebranding service at a budget price.



Waiting is boring, that is why we bring you this ready-to-launch clone script which is completely customizable as per your needs.



We have vast experience in developing cryptocurrency-based applications to make your deployment capable enough to boost your crypto trading business.



We know the seriousness of security in the current times of data breach. That is why we have already verified our clone script with rigorous security testing.



Our dedication to providing a comprehensive solution, we've also optimized the script for enhanced speed, ensuring that users experience swift and efficient performance.



Combining al the key points we come to the stage of efficient functioning solution which delivers the right purpose and functions for everyone.

Ready Made Gojek

Why Our Premium Gojek Clone Script Over Custom Development?

Cost Effective

Custom development requires a high budget but our ready-made Gojek clone script comes with ample features and free customization service at a budget price.

Time to Market

Waiting is boring, that is why we bring you this ready-to-launch Gojek clone script which is completely customizable as per your needs and to meet market standards.


We have vast experience in developing all in one services-based applications to make your Gojek clone capable enough to boost your taxi, food, delivery and services business.


We know the seriousness of security in all in one apps like Gojek. That is why we have already verified our GoJek clone script with rigorous security testing to keep data safe.

Our Development Process for Gojek Clone App

Requirements Gathering

The first step we follow is to learn about your unique business needs, goals, and future expectations so we can customize our Gojek clone script to your specific requirements.


In the next step, our highly skilled designers will work closely with you to create an all-inclusive, visually pleasing, and user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and effective.


Yes, we offer a ready-to-launch Gojek clone app, but the development phase is necessary to implement the modifications needed in the script as per your requirements.


We use a rigorous testing process to ensure that the Gojek clone is completely free of bugs and meets all of your requirements before it is deployed on your requested servers.


Once the quality team passes us the green signal we will proceed to the deployment process, ensuring your Gojek clone is smoothly deployed and runs as you have wanted.

Support & Maintainence

We offer 60 days of free support and maintenance services including technical support, and bug support to ensure that your Gojek clone continues to meet your business goals.

Unleash Your Business’s True Potential

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Why Choose Gojek Clone Script From Miracuves?

  • Support- Our team of experts offers technical support to our clients throughout the development process that covers any bugs, errors, or issues on the platform for a reasonable time period after the launch of their online all in one services marketplace.

  • Full Source Code- We ensure you get complete ownership of the Gojek clone by offering you the full source code.

  • Security- At Miracuves our prime focus is security. We follow the best practices to ensure you, your target audience, your solution, and your business stay risk-free.

  • Transparency- Transparency fosters trust. We openly share our processes, values, and successes to build a strong, honest connection with our customers.

  • Client-Oriented- Our unwavering focus on your needs and satisfaction drives every decision we make. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

  • On-Time Delivery- We respect your time and promise on-time service, ensuring your projects are delivered as scheduled, with reliability and efficiency at the forefront of our commitment.

  • Secrecy- Your privacy is paramount. We uphold the strictest confidentiality standards, safeguarding your sensitive information and ensuring that your trust in us is always maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gojek clone script ?

Gojek Clone is a pre-built super app solution that integrates multi-services on-demand such as taxi-hailing food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, meat delivery under one roof. The Gojek clone script is customized to add new features and services according to the client’s requirements.

Which company provides the best Gojek clone app?

To help eliminate the aggravations involved in the development strategy, Miracuves offers the top Gojek clone scripts in the market.

What services does Gojek offer?

Gojek, a leading Southeast Asian on-demand, multi-service tech platform provides access to a wide range of services including transport, payments, food delivery, and logistics. With the principle of using technology to improve the lives of users, the Gojek app was launched in January 2015 for users in Indonesia.

Which is better Gojek Clone to Grab Clone?

It is not possible to determine which is better between Gojek clone and Grab clone as it is dependent on the specific software and the customization that you choose. Both Gojek and Grab are popular ride-hailing and on-demand service platforms in Southeast Asia and both have their own unique features and offerings.

A Gojek clone may have more features than Grab clone, or vice versa, it’s all depend on the customization and added features. It’s also important to consider the legal and regulatory requirements of your area, as well as the needs of your customers and target market.

It would be best for you to research and compare the different options available and choose the one that best fits your needs and goals. It’s also important to consider the support and the development team behind the clone, as well as the pricing, security, scalability, and overall quality of the software.

Is the Gojek Clone App Flutter Based?

yes, our solution is done using flutter for apps, so no multiple codebases to be maintained or worked on.

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